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What Do Buttons in the Reminder Window Mean?

The Reminder window is the window that opens when you click the blinking button that notifies you of an impending task. The Reminder window consists of two sections: the Love Quote and the Reminder. Each of them can be shown or hidden by clicking the red triangle near the heading.

Love Quote section rolled down Love Quote section rolled up

Buttons In the Reminder Window

Copy button Copy love quote to clipboard – copies the love quote to the clipboard so you can paste it into another document.
Mail button E-mail love quote – opens your e-mail program (for instance, MS Outlook Express) and automatically inserts the quote into the message field of a new e-mail.
Open Quotes button Open Quotes – displays the main Quotes window.
Remind Again button Remind again – sets the time period before the next notification and closes the Reminder window. Note that if you have chosen to receive periodic notifications for the task, clicking this button will disable them. In order to preserve the pattern of notifications, simply close the Reminder window.
Mark Task as Completed button Mark task as completed – marks the completed task with a red tick mark. The Reminder window is closed.
Disable Repetitions button Disable repetitions – cancels any further notifications of this task. The Reminder window is closed.
Edit Task button Edit task – opens the Edit Task window so you can make changes to the task. The Reminder window is closed.

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