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Marking Tasks as Completed

When you have completed a task, you can give it a red tick mark to distinguish it from the tasks, which are still to be completed. To mark a task as completed, just click the small checkbox to the left of the task title, in the first column of the main task list.

Completed tasks

You can also mark a task as completed in the Reminder window. Just click the red tick mark in the bottom right corner of the window.

Marking completed task

After a task is marked as completed, you'll receive no more reminders about the task. In the task list the completed task will appear as crossed out and will have a red tick mark near it.

If you want to untick a task, go to the main task list and click the red tick mark in the checkbox to the left of the task title. The tick mark will disappear and the previously set pattern of notifications for this task will be restored.

You can configure Love Quotes to automatically delete the tasks that have been tick marked as completed. For more information, see Autodelete Completed Tasks.

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