Love Quotes

Software containing a collection of famous quotes on love and relationships.

Deleting Quotes

If for any reason you don't like a quote, you can delete it from the quotes database. To do this, select the quote by clicking it (the selected quote becomes highlighted) and click the Delete button at the bottom of the Quotes window.

Delete Quote button

Alternatively, you can choose Edit > Delete in the main menu or press Delete on the keyboard.

If you wish to delete several adjacent quotes, select them by pressing Shift+Up/Down Arrow or Shift+Mouse-click. To select non-adjacent quotes, press Ctrl+Mouse-click. To select all the quotes in the list, press Ctrl+A.

Note that if you update your quotes database, all the quotes that you have deleted will be restored. This happens because during the update process the quotes database is replaced with a new one containing all the quotes from the original database plus some new ones. However, the quotes that you have added yourself and then deleted will not be restored because they are not in the original database.

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