Love Quotes

Software containing a collection of famous quotes on love and relationships.

Editing Tasks

To make changes to a task, first select it by clicking it (the selected task will be highlighted), and then click the Edit button at the bottom of the main Tasks window.

Edit Task button

Alternatively, you can double-click the selected task or just press Enter on your keyboard.

This will open the Edit Task window, where you can edit the task title and description or change the date and time of notification.

For more information about setting the date and time of notification, see Creating a New Task

Note, however, that when you have just received a notification of a task (that is, when the Reminder window for that task is active), you cannot edit that task without the Reminder window being automatically closed. For you to know which tasks are active at the moment, they are marked with an exclamation point in the first column of the task list.

Exclamation point

Copying tasks

Love Quotes allows you to copy any task to the clipboard, so you can insert it into some other document (for instance, MS Word document). To copy a task, select it and choose Edit > Copy in the main menu. Use the Paste command to insert the task into your document.

Duplicating tasks

Duplicating a task means copying a task – creating a new task completely identical to the original one. You might need this if you wish to do some editing of a task (for example, change the notification time while keeping the same title and description) and save both the edited and the original copies of the task.

To duplicate a task, select it and choose Edit > Duplicate in the main menu. This will create a clone of the task as well as open the Edit Task window where you can edit the task.

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