Love Quotes

Software containing a collection of famous quotes on love and relationships.


If you reinstall Love Quotes (for instance, on another computer or in case you reinstall Windows), all your tasks and all the quotes that you have edited or added yourself will be lost. To avoid this, we recommend that you export your personal quotes and tasks to an .lq file, which you can save on a removable drive and later import back into the reinstalled Love Quotes.

Note that the Export function is available only in the full version of the program.

To export your data, choose File > Export in the main menu; or right-click the Love Quotes icon in the system tray and choose Export from the pop-up menu.

You will see this window:

Export window

First, click the Browse button to specify the location you wish to save the exported file. Then, choose what you want to export, whether quotes or tasks or both, by check-marking the appropriate checkbox(es).

After the export, it's recommended to save the .lq file to a removable drive (like a floppy disk or CD) so you can later import it back into the Love Quotes database. See Import for more details.

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