Love Quotes

Software containing a collection of famous quotes on love and relationships.

Finding Tasks in the Task List

If your task list contains a considerable number of tasks, you might need to find a particular task among them. Also, you might wish to find, say, all the tasks related to a particular person.

Love Quotes lets you do this quickly by searching for tasks by keyword. To start a search, click the Find button in the bottom left corner of the main Tasks window. This will open a search bar at the bottom of the window that looks like this:

Search bar

Place the mouse cursor into the search field, type what you wish to search for (it can be a phrase, a single word or just a sequence of letters) and click Go! >>.

Love Quotes will search through both the task titles and task descriptions. The search results will be displayed in the main window.

Search results

To return to the main task list after a search, click the Reset button.

To hide the search bar, click the little cross in the upper right corner or click the Find button again.

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