Love Quotes

Software containing a collection of famous quotes on love and relationships.

How It Works

When you run Love Quotes for the first time after installation, you will see the main Quotes window:

Love Quotes main window

At the same time the Love Quotes icon will appear in the system tray. Even when you close the Love Quotes window, the icon stays in the tray.

The main window can be closed by any one of the following ways:

  • selecting View > Hide to tray (in the main menu);
  • pressing Esc on the keyboard;
  • pressing the hotkey (for details, see Hotkeys).

When you run Love Quotes for the first time, the main window displays the Quotes section, because the Tasks section is empty. For more information about entering your tasks, see Creating a New Task.

To switch between the two sections of the program, click one of the two big buttons in the top right corner of the main window:

Buttons to switch between sections

The gray transparent button indicates the section that is currently active. In the above picture, it's the Quotes section. The button framed in red switches the program to the section that is currently inactive (in the picture, it's Tasks).

After you have entered some tasks in the Tasks section, Love Quotes will notify you when a task is due by playing a sound and showing a blinking button with the Love Quotes icon on your taskbar.

Reminder on taskbar

The Reminder will always remind you about your tasks, no matter if Love Quotes is open or minimized. Even if your computer was off at the time when a notification was due, you will see all the missed notifications at the next Windows startup.

If Love Quotes accumulates a considerable number of unread notifications, these will not be displayed all at once. Only 15 notifications will be visible, and the Love Quotes icon in the system tray will blink, showing that there are more unread notifications as well. As soon as you read one of the notifications and close its window, a new notification will become visible on the taskbar until all the notifications have been displayed.

When you click the blinking button in the taskbar, the Reminder window with the task title is displayed. The task description appears as a hint when you hover the mouse cursor over the Reminder field.

In each Reminder window, you'll also find a love quote, which is chosen at random from the quotes database.

Reminder window

For more information about the Reminder window, see What Do Buttons in the Reminder Window Mean?

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