Love Quotes

Software containing a collection of famous quotes on love and relationships.

Sorting Tasks

For your convenience, Love Quotes can sort your tasks. Go to the main menu, choose View > Sort by, and then select among the following options:

Sorting Task

Sort by status: whether the task is completed or not. If ascending order is selected, uncompleted tasks come first; if the descending order is selected, completed tasks are first.

Sort by title: tasks are sorted alphabetically.

Sort by creation time: tasks are sorted according to the time they were created.

Sort by next notification time: tasks are sorted according to when they are due.

Ascending: the output listing will be in ascending order.

Descending: the output listing will be in descending order.

In the task list, the selected option is indicated by a small arrow in the heading of the column being sorted. An up arrow indicates ascending order and a down arrow means descending.

Note that you can switch between ascending and descending by simply clicking the arrow. To sort by another column, click that column's heading.

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