Love Quotes

Software containing a collection of famous quotes on love and relationships.

Updating Quotes Database

With the full version of Love Quotes, you can add more quotes to your database by downloading free updates. To check our website for available updates, choose File > Update in the main menu. Or right-click the Love Quotes icon in the system tray and choose Update from the pop-up menu.

Tray icon pop-up menu

Please note that checking for updates requires an Internet connection.

During the update the quotes database is replaced with a new database. There is no need to worry about quotes you added yourself or any editing you have done – any quotes that were added or edited by the user are left intact during an update.

After the update you can set Love Quotes to display only the newest quotes, that is, the quotes that were added during the last month (including those downloaded during the update and those added by you). To do this, checkmark the checkbox labeled 'Show only the newest quotes' at the bottom of the main Quotes window.

Checkbox 'Show only the newest quotes'

Also, you can choose View > New Quotes Only in the main menu.

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